Kouriutumattomat ("The Unhatched") is a co-operation with writer Antti Nylén. The artist's book consists of Nylén's fragmentary prose and Jämsä's photographs, inkjet prints depicting eggs from an old museum collection. Kuoriutumattomat is a book about birds, with no birds.
Photography: Martti Jämsä
Text: Antti Nylén
Design and binding: Martti Jämsä and Antti Nylén
Layout and inkjet printing: Antti Nylén
Dust cover printed by, Helsinki
Inside pages printed by Bokeh, Helsinki
Stitch-bound booklet, 47 pages
Dimensions: 25 x 20 cm
Published by Bokeh, 2021

Numbered edition of 100 copies